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editions to grow your creative business

\ ensuring the success of creative businesses

editions to grow your creative business

if what we do at can make somebody feel less lost, less lonely, do better business. We’ll be grateful. Then we have succeeded.

editions to grow your creative business

Oh, we like tangible, a bit different, real, standing out, doing remarkable editions.

who is he

iain thackrah is a UK-based entrepreneur and creative business coach. creative mentor to creative entrepreneurs. writer, speaker, creative. creative generalist. creative specialist. jack of all trades, master of some. iain makes sure deciding to build something for yourself is the best decision you ever make. 

what gets him up in the morning
\ progress, better takes time and effort
\ change, you can make a difference
\ potential, you can be better than you can imagine
\ optimism, you can do this
\ together, you don’t have to do this alone

who is she

akkie bosje is a Dutch based creative director and graphic poet. for over 30 years, she has been privileged to work with leading value-driven, optimistic initiatives and clients. all connected by a drive to make the world more aware, kinder and beautiful.

what gets her up in the morning
\ integrity, it makes the world a better place
\ optimism, the faith that leads to achievement
\ result driven
\ sustainability, for the world as for relationships
\ kindness, we are in this together
\ change is everything

\\ she makes things look good \ he keeps the lights on \ he has awesome ideas \ she connects the dots \ she makes books \ he builds businesses \ together